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10 Designer Bags You Might Have Forgotten About

10 Designer Bags You Might Have Forgotten About

Welcome to our list of 10 Designer Bags You Might Have Forgotten About!

There are so many new luxury bags each year we end up forgetting about some amazing bags. The bags You’ll see here were super popular at some point but today are often overlooked, but they are still amazing and timeless designer bags.

So, without further ado here are the 10 Designer Bags You Might Have Forgotten About:


1. Chanel Diana Bag

Constantly seeking inspiration from the world around him, Karl Lagerfeld placed tremendous value in his muses, as these fashionable women helped solidify his designs as timeless classics. As such, Princess Diana of Wales, the ultimate style icon of the ‘80s and ‘90s, had a tremendous impact on Lagerfeld and the living legacy of Chanel. Produced from 1989 to approximately 1995, the Chanel Diana bag is a coveted find among vintage hunters and Diana admirers alike. This classic design closely resembles that of the Chanel Single Flap, and was sported so frequently by Princess Diana, that Karl Largefeld felt it only fitting to honor her in the name. Following Diana’s divorce, rumor had it she didn’t like the Chanel logo, as the interlocking CCs reminded her of her ex-husband, Charles, and his new partner, Camilla. However, eventually, Diana did return to the classic brand and was often seen carrying their bags.

The handbag was resurrected in the Spring 2015 collection, but the vintage Chanel Diana in caviar leather remains the most elusive and sought-after variation ever crafted. The Chanel Diana is not currently sold by Chanel, but you can find it on the resale market!

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2. Hermès Bolide

The Bolide’s sleek design was intended for top drivers and world travelers. The Bolide’s trapezoidal shape fits easily into sports cars or luggage. The zip closure was discovered by Hermès CEO Emile-Maurice Hermès during travels to America. Upon touring Henry Ford’s factory, Hermès was struck by the zipper device he saw on the cloth top of a car. Suitably inspired, Hermès returned to France with a zipper patent and dubbed the bag born out of this discovery le sac pour l’auto, which is now the Bolide and a more minimalistic version called the 1923. This purse’s design meets at the intersection of classic beauty and function. The removable shoulder strap and rounded shape emphasize the Hermès bag’s practicality. 

This is a classic bag that was designed almost 100 years ago, so it is bound to be a lifelong companion.

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3. Loewe Amazona

Loewe bags have impeccable craftsmanship, and the Amazona has a timeless style that will always be chic! Though its two top handles and elegant rectangular frame are reminiscent of a doctor’s bag, the Amazona was envisioned as an accessory to accompany the booming female workforce to the office in the 1970s. Its simple construction is designed both to exhibit the materials and craftsmanship of the bag and to reiterate that the Loewe woman meant business. In the corner of the bag, you’ll find an embossed Loewe logo, plus a fully functioning mini-padlock and key. To celebrate the 175th anniversary of the fashion house, Anderson launched a campaign lensed by Juergen Teller relaunching the Amazona bag, with a modern iteration of the classic design.

The Amazona is a bag that will not go out of style and you will love to wear for years to come!

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4. Celine Belt Bag

Designed by the queen of minimalism herself Phoebe Phillo, this is one of the best quiet luxury bags ever designed! Launched in Celine’s Pre-Fall 2014 collection this bag is casual and refined at the same time. This bag is so versatile you can easily wear it from work to a night out. The bag is characterized by a belt with knots on both ends and the front flap is made to be tucked under it. The relaxed shape and the spacious interior add their unique touch to the complete design, it also has a top handle and a shoulder strap. This bag is not so popular anymore but that does not mean it is out of style! 

The Belt is a classic Old Celine bag that will always be chic, it would be a staple in your life!

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5. Mulberry Alexa bag

Inspired by the much-loved style of Alexa Chung and incorporating the signature Mulberry Postman’s Lock hardware, the Alexa quickly became a house design classic and the most sought-after Mulberry bag of its time when it was launched in 2010. Its collector’s item status was sealed when the Victoria & Albert Museum featured it in its Bags: Inside Out exhibition in 2020, alongside other luxury bag design classics from across the globe. Over a decade on, the Alexa’s enduring appeal continues to inspire a new generation of fashion lovers with updated textures and detailing. Since the relaunch of this bag in 2020 we have seen multiple colors and sizes, all with the amazing Mulberry quality and a timeless allure.

This is a bag from the 2010’s that is already having a comeback!

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6. Dior 30 Montaigne Bag

Launched in 2019 this bag is a tribute to the historic House address and famous sanctuary of Christian Dior. The dream office, as he would affectionately call it, remains a source of luck and inspiration for Dior. The handbag is crafted in black box calfskin for an elegant and modern look. The flap is embellished with an antique gold-finish metal ‘CD’ clasp, inspired by the seal of a Christian Dior perfume bottle. Refined details, such as an embossed ’30 MONTAIGNE’ signature on the back, define this unique design. Featuring an adjustable leather shoulder strap, the bag may be carried by hand, worn over the shoulder or crossbody.

This bag is not so well known as the Lady Dior or the Book Tote for example, and in my opinion it deserves more attention.

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7. Fendi First Bag

Launched in fall/winter 2021 this bag is Fendi’s take on the trendy pouch. Having surfaced on the runway a few seasons ago, the casual clutch has made its way back into the spotlight at the Fendi show. The brainchild of Silvia Venturini Fendi, the Fendi First bag, was said to fit Kim Jones’ brief of wanting a bag that interprets the signature double F monogram. Instead of going the literal route, Ms Fendi took a more low-key approach that feels and looks really modern.

The bag comes in multiple colors and materials, even in fur and it would be a staple in your collection!

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8. Chloé Paddington Bag

One of the most iconic It bags of the 2000’s, the Paddington, designed by then creative director Phoebe Philo, was as rare as it was coveted. Vogue reported that in 2005 every one of the 8,000 bags produced by Chloé were already spoken for before even hitting the stores. Made of leather, the Paddington had softly rounded edges, giving it what has been described as “a luggage feel.” There were buckles on either end, and its most iconic feature was a leather-wrapped padlock, the key for which was suspended from a narrow tie attached to the hardware holding one of the two top handles. The scarcity of this bag made it an insider and celebrity favorite, which only made it more desirable.

This bag was a hit in the yearly 2000’s but was considered out of style by the 2010’s, but now it is time for the comeback!

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9. Ralph Lauren RL50

Drawing inspiration from one of Mr. Lauren’s personal travel bags, The RL50 Handbag is defined by its belted silhouette and elegantly curved bar topline. This bag encapsulates Ralph Lauren’s commitment to preserving artisanal leatherworking traditions, as it is entirely handcrafted in a family-owned Italian studio. Completed with “RL”-engraved protective feet at the base, this icon was conceived in 2018, the year of Ralph Lauren’s 50th anniversary. The iconic silhouette merges codes from Ralph Lauren’s heritage: city sophistication, equestrian inspired details, and the finest quality of leather craftsmanship. The bag is available in different sizes, colors, materials and prints. This could be an amazing work bag; it is big enough to fit all your essentials while looking elegant at the same time.

It is also an amazing alternative to the Hermès Birkin Bag!

Buy it now for $2,400


10. Tod’s Di Bag

In the 1990’s one of Princess Diana’s favorite accessories was this Tod’s bag, that has since become a classic style of the brand! With room for all she might need, from gym gear to royal tour travel essentials, the Princess was often saw with this tote in hand, so Tod’s renamed the bag after her. Now Tod’s reintroduced this iconic style once more, in form of the Di bag. Boldly reinterpreted today, it embodies the perfect balance between traditional fine craftsmanship, experimentation and creativity. The Di Bag embraces a modern, genderless spirit, swapping its sharp lines for sensual suppleness and now available in a vast color palette. A central ribbing and tubular handles characterize this elegant shopping bag with Tod’s logo stamped on the front. 

This bag is made to accompany with class and femininity your everyday outfits.

Buy it now for $2,645

Hope you enjoyed the 10 Designer Bags You Might Have Forgotten About! Finally, check out the Top 10 Investment Bags for 2024!


10 Designer Bags You Might Have Forgotten About