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10 Luxury Bags That Won't Break The Bank

10 Luxury Bags That Won’t Break The Bank

Welcome to our list of 10 Luxury Bags That Won’t Break The Bank!

Yes luxury bags are expensive, but there are some that are not as expensive as you would think. Here I’ll show you some of the cheapest bags from the major luxury brands, I’m sure you will love them!

So, without further ado here are the 10 Luxury Bags That Won’t Break The Bank:


1. Hermès Evelyne Bag

Like many other Hermès handbags, the Evelyne is inspired by Hermès’ equestrian roots. The bag has perforations that form a “H” on one side, which hint at the bag’s original function: to transport horse grooming equipment. These perforations allow air to circulate the bag, drying wet combs, brushes, and picks. The ventilated side of the Evelyne was meant to be worn against the equestrian’s body; however, now that the bag is considered a luxury good, the perforations are worn facing outwards. This Hermès bag is highly functional and sporty. You can choose from four sizes- petite, medium, large and extra-large, and two leather options- Maurice and Clemence. 

Starting at $1,850 this is an amazing option for your first Hermès bag! 

Buy it now for $3,675


2. Chanel Wallet-On-Chain

Stylish, simple and chic, the Chanel Wallet on Chain is an amazing forever bag and one of the best designer wallets-on-chain. Known for its versatile 24-inch chain strap and practicality of its many compartments, the Chanel WOC holds the status of a classic Chanel handbag while also being uniquely compact in size. With the wallet built into the bag, these Chanel handbags brilliantly combine small size with efficient space. Moreover, the versatility of the strap is a defining feature of this Chanel purse. The Wallet on Chain can be worn over the shoulder, as a crossbody, or even as a clutch/wallet with the strap tucked in. 

Providing all of the coin, cash and card space you could need, this Chanel handbag is a functional and fashionable statement piece. This is the least expensive Chanel bag!

Buy it now for $3,200


3. Louis Vuitton Félicie Pochette

With its spacious inside compartment and two removable pockets, the Pochette Félicie is the stylish way to carry and organize daily essentials. Much more than a wallet, this versatile pouch can be transformed into a shoulder bag, crosbody bag or clutch thanks to its removable gold-color chain. This wallet on chain is the perfect bag to take to parties and evenings out.

The Pochette Félicie will be a staple in your collection!

Buy it now for $1,450


4. Ralph Lauren Polo ID Bag

Part of the Polo ID collection the handbag is inspired by a sense of adventure, romance, and optimism. This Italian leather mini shoulder bag evokes a vivacious elegance and subtle equestrian sensibility with its dual-compartment saddle silhouette that can transform from a shoulder bag into a croissant-shaped wristlet. It’s finished with a brass plaque showcasing the silhouette of the signature Pony cut out on gold-tone brass hardware reminiscent of vintage ID bracelets. A new bag of the brand that is becoming super popular this bag will go with any outfit to any occasion!

You can choose between the mini or the hobo iteration, both are amazing quiet luxury pieces.

Buy it now for $650


5. Prada Re-Edition 2000

This is an amazing first designer bag! This nylon handbag was originally conceptualized in 1979, then relaunched in 1985. But the real success of this bag is due to the 90’s and early 2000’s style. Prada released two new editions of the vintage nylon mini bag, the 2000 and the 2005. Both bags have the famous baguette semblance and are constructed out of a combination of Saffiano leather and nylon.

This bag is one of the less expensive Prada bags you will find.

Buy it now for $1,250


6. Fendi Mon Tresor Bag

Introduced for summer 2018 this Fendi bag is one of the most famous designer bucket bags. The name translates into my treasure which we have to agree suits the bag perfectly. This is a small bag that would fit just the essentials, it features a drawstring fastening and F logo metal accents. The bag comes with two detachable straps, one long and one short, to carry the bag by hand, over the shoulder or cross-body.

It comes in several materials and prints, all perfect for everyday wear!

Buy it now for $1,390


7. Jacquemus Le Bisou Bag

Carrying all the playful aesthetic of the brand, Le Bisou is a new icon of Jacquemus. This shoulder bag is available in a few different versions, with a bead on the strap, a belted silhouette and a rigid top handle. The chic simplicity of the bag perfectly represents the French Riviera style of Jacquemus. This is a fun and trendy bag that will be super popular this year.

Wear everyday or on nights out, it will be a staple for 2024!

Buy it now for $765

8. Gucci Dionysus Wallet-On-Chain

This is one of the most popular Gucci bags ever, it is an amazing wallet on chain. The crossbody purse has a double-flap design made of Gucci’s iconic coated canvas, and the U-shaped hardware used to close it dates back to the brand’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear line. Dionysus is the god of harvest, wine, and partying, so it makes sense that the bag bearing his name has a more-is-more aesthetic. The bag’s tiger closure was also influenced by mythology; it is said that Dionysus crossed the Tigris River on a tiger that Zeus sent to him. The sliding chain strap can be worn multiple ways. You can double it for shoulder carry or lengthen for crossbody wear.

This is a classic Gucci bag that was super popular in the 2010’s, but it is still iconic.

Buy it now for $990


9. Saint Laurent Uptown Clutch

Clutches are a huge trend for 2024, and this is one of the chicest you will ever find! A classic clutch made with great materials and impeccable design, the Uptown clutch is a staple of the brand. Crafted in Italy from textured-leather, this ‘Uptown’ pouch has a sleek envelope shape with the iconic YSL gold hardware. 

It’s the perfect companion for glamorous evenings when you want to travel light.

Buy it now for $645


10. Loewe Basket Bag

The Loewe Basket is an elevated take on the humble woven palm-leaf market bag, that showcases craftsmanship and natural materials. Loewe’s basket bag does everything it should, and best of all, it comes in a variety of colors and sizes, so there is absolutely no reason not to wear it all year round. This is a classic and universal style; basket palm bags will forever be summer staples. There are so many styles of the Loewe basket that I’m sure you’ll find the one for you! When compared to other palm totes from other luxury brands the Loewe Basket is cheaper and unlike other popular brands this one is handmade.

This is one of the best first designer bags you can buy from any brand, it would be a staple in your summer wardrobe!

Buy it now for $590

Hope you enjoyed the 10 Luxury Bags That Won’t Break the Bank! Finally, check out the Top 10 Everyday Bags for 2024!



10 Luxury Bags That Won't Break The Bank