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10 Luxury Bags You Won't See Everywhere

10 Luxury Bags You Won’t See Everywhere

Welcome to our list of 10 Luxury Bags You Won’t See Everywhere!

There are some designer bags we see everywhere, while others are more rare and underrated. Here I’ll show you some unique bags you won’t see often, they are stylish, classy and will last all your life.

So, without further ado here are The 10 Luxury Bags You Won’t See Everywhere:


1. Launer London Traviata Bag

Launer handbags are the ultimate accessory from the storied brand and were a favorite of late Queen Elizabeth! Starring the iconic twisted rope emblem and with a practical fold-over shape, they’re the embodiment of a luxury label known for its quality and timelessness. This breezy take on one of Her Majesty the Queen’s favorite handbags combines quality and style with effortless ease. Transcending time and looking every bit as stylish and contemporary as a bag of modern proportions should, the Traviata is an iconic bag fit for royalty. 

With its structured silhouette, fine-tuned proportions and signature twisted rope emblem, this beautifully hand-crafted design is a true investment piece and an amazing Kelly Bag alternative!

Buy it now for $2,625


2. Hermès Herbag

The Herbag is one of Hermès’ most accessible bags thanks to its canvas construction. The top flap is made from thick, durable leather and features the clou de selle closure while the bag’s body is made entirely of canvas. The top can be detached from the body, allowing for the wearer to mix and match Herbags. This Hermès purse, which also came in a backpack version, has been compared to the Kelly because of its elegant, classic style, however, the Herbag is a mere fraction of the Kelly’s price. 

This is an amazing everyday bag, it is practical, elegant and durable. All you could want for an everyday bag!

Buy it now for $3,960


3. Delvaux Brillant Bag

With Hermès-like quality and a timeless style, Delvaux is often overlooked. Designed in 1958 the Brillant is today one of Delvaux’s most iconic bags. Paying homage to Delvaux’s creativity and savoir-faire, they are entirely handmade by master artisans working in the brand’s ateliers. One of the Brillant’s most eye-catching features is its unmistakable buckle. Curved like a horseshoe and pretty as a jewel, its spells out the ‘D’ for Delvaux. Its refined front strap and fastening system make it one of a kind. Every detail on the Brillant has been carefully designed and expertly crafted. Made of sixty-four separate leather and metallic pieces, the Brillant requires exceptional skill and precision to create. It takes more than 8 hours of work to piece together.

The Brillant can be carried by its top handle and can be worn with an adjustable strap. It is the epitome of old money!

Buy it now for $2,500


4. Mulberry Bayswater Bag

A timeless and classic shoulder bag, the Bayswater family unites the very best of Mulberry’s craft heritage and effortless style. The original Bayswater’s understated shape and finish were designed to showcase the exceptional level of leather quality, proudly finished with Mulberry’s signature hardware: The Postman’s Lock. Its interior belts meant its size was adjustable, making a Bayswater ideal for any lifestyle. First launched in 2003, the Bayswater was an instant favorite among women of all styles, subcultures and generations.

The versatility, adaptability and elegance of this style became the signatures of the Bayswater family, and they are carried through each iteration of its silhouette, from deconstructed satchel to collectable mini. It is an amazing alternative to the Kelly bag!

Buy it now for $1,250


5. Ferragamo Studio Bag

The Studio is a beautiful and timeless bag you will not regret buying! An emblem of style and elegance, the ultra-versatile Ferragamo Studio Bag is destined for long lasting success. A modern and sophisticated design with iconic details tailored for the woman seeking a contemporary and minimal aesthetic. Launched in 2018 the Ferragamo Studio Bag celebrates the founder’s first studio. Made of natural-grain calfskin, this small-sized version features a front zip pocket, a large lined interior compartment and a practical removable pouch. The metal closure with Gancini buckle and the studded bottom make it unique and original.

This is a classic style of the brand that you will love to wear this is a cheaper and beautiful alternative to the Birkin bag!

Buy it now for $3,250


6. Hunting Season Top Handle Bag

If you are looking for a classic fuss-free top handle that will not break the bank, this is the one! Hunting Season’s modern interpretation of a classic lady bag, The Top Handle is an exercise in restraint. Free of all unnecessary hardware, this style focuses on the shape and execution of this classic silhouette. The size and overall proportions are feminine, elegant, and refined. 

A top handle bag might be the most refined bag option for everyday wear!

Buy it now for $750


7. Savette Symmetry Bag

Founded by designer Amy Zurek, Savette honors traditional leather craftsmanship done in a more modern manner. Each handbag is made with longevity in mind—the intention being to pass it down from generation to generation. The Symmetry family celebrates geometry in its purest forms: parallel and perpendicular lines.

Available in pouch, shoulder and crossbody variations this is one of the most elegant and paired back bags you will ever find!

Buy it now for $1,190


8. Hermès Evelyne Bag

Like many other Hermès handbags, the Evelyne is inspired by Hermès’ equestrian roots. The bag has perforations that form a “H” on one side, which hint at the bag’s original function: to transport horse grooming equipment. These perforations allow air to circulate the bag, drying wet combs, brushes, and picks. The ventilated side of the Evelyne was meant to be worn against the equestrian’s body; however, now that the bag is considered a luxury good, the perforations are worn facing outwards. This Hermès bag is highly functional and sporty.

You can choose from four sizes- petite, medium, large and extra-large, and two leather options- Maurice and Clemence. 

Buy it now for $3,190


9. Fauré Le Page Daily Battle Tote

The Daily Battle tote will fight alongside you in the battles of everyday life. Fauré Le Page started in 1717 as a firearms manufacturer, in the centuries that followed they expanded into leather goods, but it wasn’t until 2009, when the company was bought by a French family, that they started offering handbags. Inspired by this history, the brand’s motto is armed for seduction, and their designs follow the same inspiration. The brand uses the Ecailles scale motif as the house signature. This motif – at once armor and ornament, evoking dragons and mermaids – confers power and allure to its wearers.

The Daily Battle tote, effortless and practical, has a spacious interior, it is structured yet supple and can be an amazing alternative to the most well-known monogram totes.

Buy it now for $1,600


10. Mark Cross Grace Box Bag

Mark Cross was established in Boston by Henry W. Cross, who affectionately named the company after his only son. Cross founded his company on a simple passion: to create the finest leather goods for horse riders. Mark Cross later expanded its range of products and quickly became the quintessential American luxury lifestyle brand. Inspired by the overnight case created for Grace Kelly in “Rear Window,” the iconic Grace Box is a top handle handbag with an adjustable and detachable leather shoulder strap.

Originally designed in the 1950’s this elegant design is the most iconic bag of the brand. It is quiet, chic and is definitely old money!

Buy it now for $484

Hope you enjoyed the 10 Luxury Bags You Won’t See Everywhere! Finally, check out The Ultimate It Bags of 2024!


10 Luxury Bags You Won't See Everywhere