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12 Clothing Pieces That Will Last Forever

12 Clothing Pieces That Will Last Forever

Welcome to our video about The 12 Clothing Pieces That Will Last Forever!

In a world of fast fashion and fashion trends there is nothing classier than having a forever kind of wardrobe. Here on this video I’ll show you pieces that are worth investing in, that you will wear your whole life and that are pieces every woman should have in her closet. This are pieces that might cost a little more but that are worth spending your money on!

So, without further ado here are The 12 Clothing Pieces That Will Last Forever:


1. Blazer

Gone are the days when a blazer was only office attire, now it is a staple piece for every occasion. The key is to look for a blazer that you can layer with any top, whether a t-shirt or a blouse. The right blazer will make you feel powerful, stylish and comfortable at the same time. A nice structured blazer works like a charm on any outfit, it will take you seamlessly from work, to happy hour, to a night out. Blazers have definitely become staples for women and paring one with jeans and a white shirt is the best way to channel your inner Princess Diana!

This Anine Bing blazer is a timeless investment piece you will be wearing time and time again. 

Buy it now for $400


2. Forever Bag

Of course no wardrobe would be complete without a bag that will last your whole life. A classic designer bag is an amazing investment piece you will reach for time and time again. Whether a Louis Vuitton Alma, an Hermès Birkin or a Chanel flap choose one you love and that will not go out of style! But of course there are many timeless bags that are more affordable then the most famous ones.

The DeMellier Montreal bag is a classic top handle that will never go out of style. 

Buy it now for $550


3. Jeans

The Jeans were created in 1853 when Levi Strauss founded a wholesale business in San Francisco, since then a good pair of jeans is a must-have for every lifestyle. Whether your preferred fit is straight leg, skinny, or oversized, take the time to find a high-quality pair that will last forever and make you feel like your best self, every time you put them on. Jeans are an everyday staple that can be worn to almost every occasion. In my opinion the most versatile and the one that will not go out of style is the straight leg, but no matter which one you choose it is an essential clothing item to have.

These Agolde straight leg jeans will be a staple for everyday wear.

Buy it now for $210


4. Black Dress

Date-night essential and the ultimate “I have nothing to wear” throw-on-and-go piece, a little black dress is a true must-have in every fashion girl’s wardrobe. Find a black dress that fits you like a glove, that feels like a no-brainer on nights when you don’t care about being dressed up. But you know you’ll look like a million bucks anyway, because of how chic the dress is. Pick a short or a long one the options are endless. There’s no rule book to owning the perfect black dress, you should choose what makes you feel good.

You can pair this Rixo mini dress with flats and a jacket during the day and also high heels for a night out.

Buy it now for $345


5. Tweed Jacket

Today a classic staple for chic women the tweed jacket was originally designed by Coco Chanel after WW2. Inspired by sportswear, the iconic tweed fabric used in the Chanel suits was initially not considered a glamorous textile. Tweed was primarily manufactured in Scottish twill mills, where Chanel discovered the true diversity of the fabric. An article of clothing previously only worn by men, now had a luxurious and unique version for women. Worn by international fashion figures including Jackie Kennedy, Princess Diana, Brigitte Bardot, and Barbara Walters, the Chanel suit has become a representation of sophistication and a permanent staple of the brand. The Chanel tweed jacket will never go out of style, but of course there are more affordable options that are amazing

This L’Agence tweed blazer is an elegant piece that will last a lifetime! 

Buy it now for $300


6. Black Pumps

Another classic shoe, this one is perfect for any upscale occasion. These must-have shoes will take you through work events, nights out and even black-tie occasions. The most classic black pump you’ll find is the Louboutin Pigalle, but if you are looking to buy a heel you will wear your whole life, I suggest investing in a comfortable one, which the Louboutin is not.

These ones from Manolo Blahnik will take you through any occasion.

Buy it now for $725


7. Trench Coat

Trench coats are perfect for fall, winter and spring! And even on those rainy summer days! They are classic pieces that everyone needs! It was during the First World War that this now iconic garment took the shape that we recognize today, a form that remains current despite being more than 100 years old. People have been using trench coats for more than a century and if that doesn’t prove they won’t go out of style then I don’t know what will! And we can’t speak of trench coats without speaking of Burberry! Burberry first created the water and wind proof fabric called gabardine in 1879. Using this material, Burberry would go on to design the first predecessor to the trench coat. After the war, it transformed into a fashion statement for men and women alike thanks to movie stars who wore the stylish coat on film.

Today trench coats is worn by woman all over the world. This trench from the Frankie Shop will be a staple for rainy days.

Buy it now for $360


8. Loafers

Since the 1950’s loafers have been a part of the most classic shoes a woman can own. Inspired by men’s shoes they look as good with a pair of jeans as they do with a summer dress. Despite the many inventive iterations of the style, the flat, no-frills black leather loafer is as iconic as it is classic. Of course there are multiple types of shoes that are essential to a complete wardrobe, but the loafer is one you cannot live without.

These classic Stuart Weitzman loafers will be a forever favorite!

Buy it now for $428


9. Leather Jacket

What started as a bad-boy symbol in the 1950’s today is a classic staple for every style! The biker might be the most popular one, but you can opt for a more minimalist style, if you prefer it that way. A good leather jacket will really last your whole life, it is the perfect grab-and-go jacket that will take you through any occasion. A timeless silhouette with lasting-quality a leather jacket is a great investment piece, my favorite leather jacket I own was bought by my mother 20 years ago and it is still perfect.

This Loulou Studio leather jacket is a timeless investment piece you will be loving all your life!

Buy it now for $720


10. Trousers

Another menswear-inspired staple, a good trouser will be your best friend if you like a more classical look. They are perfect for work but can also be dressed down if worn with a t-shirt and sneakers. They will suit every style and are certainly an investment piece. It’s simple and elegant and not only slims the body but also elongates it. Not to mention that they are super comfortable! Some prefer the cigarette type, others like me prefer the straight or wide-leg-cut that really elongates your legs, but no matter the style, a good tailored trouser is a must-have.

For my wide-leg lovers, this The Frankie Shop trousers will be your best friend!

Buy it now for $200


11. Cashmere Sweater

Whatever your age or style a cashmere jumper will always be a good idea. Cashmere is more expensive than your usual knit but for a good reason: if you take care of it, cashmere will last an age, it is warmer than its cheaper counterparts and way softer. Pop a cashmere sweater over your shoulders come spring, wear alone come fall, and layer it into your winter outfits. Remember, a good cashmere sweater will last a lifetime, it will keep you warm forever.

This Allude cashmere top is elegant, understated and will forever be chic!

Buy it now for $163


12. White Shirt

One of the many menswear-inspired staples that make up a solid wardrobe foundation, a white button-up is a must. It will always come in hand no matter the occasion or your personal style. Wear it closed with trousers for the perfect timeless office attire, wear it open with jeans and a t-shirt for a casual stroll or you can even wear it over a bikini at the beach for an easy summer outfit. After you have the white one, you can try different colors that will light up any look.

This shirt from The Frankie Shop will be a forever staple in your closet. 

Buy it now for $185

Hope you enjoyed the Clothing Pieces That Will Last Forever! Finally, check out The Bags to Keep Forever!


12 Clothing Pieces That Will Last Forever