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6 Hermès Bags That Are Worth the Investment

6 Hermès Bags That Are Worth the Investment

Welcome to our list of the 6 Hermès Bags That Are Worth the Investment!

Hermès is the pinnacle of luxury handbags. The most famous and exclusive bags in the world are Hermès bags, and the best of Hermès are for sure the Birkin and the Kelly! Hermès has been creating beautiful leather pieces, renowned for their exquisite craftsmanship, since 1837. First established by Thierry Hermès as a harness workshop in the Grands Boulevards quarter of Paris, the atelier quickly became dedicated to serving European noblemen – even Napoleon Bonaparte was a client – and in 1922, the first Hermès handbag was created.

It´s a combination of their history, exquisite craftsmanship and overall quality of Hermès that make their bags so highly coveted. Each bag is made by hand by a single artisan and the leathers are selected very carefully to ensure that only the best pieces are used. Unlike other brands with Hermès you can choose handbags that will actually increase in value after you buy them.

We all know that buying a Hermès bag is not a simple task but here on this list I’ll show you some bags that are available to every client, as well as quota bags! For this list I took in consideration experts’ opinions of Christie’s and Sotheby’s about which bags have the highest resale value. Keep in mind that if buying an Hermès bag is your dream you should just choose the one you fall in love with, but if you want some guidance then this list is for you!

So, without further ado here are the 6 Hermès Bags That Are Worth the Investment:


6. Evelyne Bag

I thought I would start with a bag that is actually available to any client. Named after Evelyne Bertrand, the former head of Hermès’s equestrian department, this bag was originally conceived in 1978 to hold horse-grooming equipment. It soon became a classic cross-body favorite with Hermès collectors. This Hermès bag is often overlooked but it is perfect for that chic understated look. The Evelyne is not a part of the Hermès trinity meaning is not one of the most sought-after in the resale market.

But this is an entry bag that not only will last many years but will also hold its value. Not mentioning that if you want to build a sales record at Hermès you can certainly start with this one. 

Buy it now for $3,230


5. Constance Bag

Said to have left the factory on the same day that Hermès designer Catherine Chaillet’s fifth child was born, the Constance bag entered the market in 1959, and was named after the designer’s newborn daughter. Although designed more than 50 years ago, the Constance’s elegant shape and functional design make it a favorite among collectors. It is said that a Constance can be harder to find than the more well-known Birkin and Kelly. The most common Constance would be the ones in neutral colors, and you also don’t need a sales record to buy them. But the most valuable ones would be the more colorful and rare ones. 

According to the RealReal the Constance has an average resale value of 105%! So it can really be considered an investment!

Buy it now for $16,220


4. Birkin Bag

The Birkin bag is perhaps the most famous bag in the world, and for sure one of the most classic. The Birkin was designed in 1983 when Hermès creative director Jean-Louis Dumas set next to the actress Jane Birkin on a flight. She was wearing a straw tote and explained that most leather bags were too structured for her taste. So Dumas designed the bag on that flight on the back of a napkin. Today the Birkin is an icon and is the kind of bag that will last you your whole life.

The price of a Birkin when buying directly from an Hermès store varies depending on size, leather, hardware and color, starting at $10,075. On the resale market it can easily sell for double the original price!

Buy it now for $11,000


3. Kelly Bag

Perhaps the most famous top handle bag, the Kelly will forever be an icon! In 1935 Émile-Maurice Hermès diversified the brands offerings designing a bag for his wife to carry. Called the Sac à Dépêches the bag was practical and elegant with a classic style. The accessory achieved worldwide recognition in 1956 when the American actress and princess of Monaco Grace Kelly used her Sac à Dépêches to cover her pregnant belly from the paparazzi. As soon as the photo of that is published on the cover of Life Magazine women from all over the world start running to Hermès asking for the Kelly Bag. In response the brand changed the bags name to the Kelly, and history was made.

Today an icon of elegance and sophistication, the Kelly is one of the most sought-after bags on the resale market, not only for its timeless style but also for the enduring allure of the woman it is named after. The Kelly is sold in Hermès stores for around $9,000 and can be sold in the resale market for more than $20,000!

Buy it now for $19,995


2. Horseshoe Stamp Bag

Horseshoe stamp bags are special order bags, but what is an Hermès Special Order Bag? It’s a bag customized in the colors, leather, hardware, stitching and model of your choice, typically in either the Birkin, Kelly or Constance. But Special Orders aren’t for everyone; rather, these handbags are reserved for Hermès VIP customers. VIPs are typically individuals who’ve demonstrated extraordinary loyalty to the brand, their store and a particular sales associate through a strong purchase history.

The Special Order process takes place twice a year, and the number of Special Orders granted to each individual store is strictly controlled. If you are lucky enough to finally place one, the final order needs to be approved by the store director before it’s submitted to Paris. Occasionally, a choice can be rejected. After placing the order come the hardest part: the wait. The general time frame for receiving a Special Order bag ranges from six to eighteen months, but the wait time for exotic skins can be much longer – up to three years.

Starting about ten years ago, Hermès began embossing all Special Order bags with a special stamp, called the Horseshoe Stamp – hence why many refer to these bags as “Horseshoe Stamp” bags. The horseshoe is a hallmark of the bag’s exclusivity and the prestige status of the customer. Given that Horseshoe Stamp Special Order bags are rare and require such a long wait time and a strong purchase history, they sell at premium values in the secondary market. 

But owning such a unique bag makes the purchase a worthwhile investment for the Hermès collector.

Buy it now for $30,770


1. Anything Limited Edition

Limited edition bags make for the rarest of Hermès bags. These handbags are only sold to VIP clients and for a limited time only. If the usual Birkin and Kelly are rare on their own you can imagine how valuable a limited edition would be. Bags with exotic leathers, incrusted diamonds and unique designs are the ones I’m talking about. Some of the most famous examples are the Picnic Kelly, the So Black Birkin, the Shadow Birkin and the Sterling Silver Kelly. The limited edition bags can sell for more than 2 times their original value.

If you would like to see the rarest Hermès bags be sure to check our post about the Top 10 Rare Hermès Bags!

Buy it now for $93,450


6 Hermès Bags That Are Worth the Investment