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The 5 Most Popular Fendi Bags

The 5 Most Popular Fendi Bags

Welcome to our list of The 5 Most Popular Fendi Bags!

The house of FENDI was established by Adele and Edoardo Fendi in Rome in 1925. The opening of the first boutique, a handbag shop and fur workshop, in via del Plebiscito, followed in 1926, gaining immediate success. Since then the Fendi family has been at the center of the business, with the help of course from the late German designer Karl Lagerfeld. Today headed by Silvia Venturini Fendi and Kim Jones, Fendi continues to be an amazing brand beloved by many.

Savoir-faire and limitless creativity combined with the research for high-quality materials and details are the secret behind the Fendi Icons, the Baguette and Peekaboo bags. But there are other amazing Fendi bags that are worth getting to know! Here I’ll show you 5 beautiful Fendi bags, some are very popular right now, others not so much anymore, but they are all iconic of the brand!

So, without further ado here are The 5 Most Popular Fendi Bags:


1. Fendi Peekaboo

Designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi this bag was first presented at Fendi’s Spring 2009 show. Silvia said about the bag: “Simplicity is the new eccentricity. I was looking for a traditional, yet modern contemporary shape, able to satisfy the most sophisticated women. The simplicity relies in the concept of whispered luxury, resembled by a unique contrast between the rich materials in the inside and its essential materials on the outside. This is the only occasion in which a woman would be recommended to walk around with an unfastened and unlocked bag.”

The Peekaboo has been designed with several compartments and a double closure so that it can be worn half-open – or half-closed, depending on your point of view, of course. When it is only half closed, the bag hints at a color, texture, or leather creating a surprising contrast – hence its name. It comes in exotic leathers, fur and calfskin, and also comes in multiple colors, patterns and sizes. The Peekaboo is sleek, classic and timeless, and it is no surprise that it instantly became beloved amongst celebrities and stylish women around the globe.

When you buy a Peekaboo bag you can be sure you will be wearing it for many years to come! 

Buy it now for $3,500


2. Fendi Baguette 

Launched in a time where minimalism was all people wanted in fashion the Fendi Baguette was everything but minimalistic. It was a time without social media, and yet, it was 1997 when Fendi launched the first real it-bag in history: the Baguette. Designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi, she christened the bag the Baguette because this shoulder bag was made to sit comfortably under the arm in the very same way that the French are usually seen carrying their baguettes. Since its introduction, the Baguette instantly became one of the most sought-after bags in the fashion world, and more than 100,000 of these babies were sold in the first year alone. The show Sex and The City is a big part of why this bag became so famous!

In 2019 the world saw the return of this iconic ‘it bag’ when the Fashion house enlisted Sarah Jessica Parker and German influencer Caroline Daur in a new social media campaign. Over time it has evolved into different sizes, materials and colors, each new season there is a new Fendi Baguette for us to fall in love with!

Today, 24 years after its debut, the Fendi Baguette, remains a stylish it bag that is iconic of the brand.

Buy it now for $3,750


3. Fendi Sunshine Tote

Totes have always been a part of Fendi’s offerings, but the Sunshine was only introduced in 2020. This Shopper bag is made from leather with heat-stamped “FENDI ROMA” in the front and stiff tortoiseshell plexiglass handles. It is equipped with a spacious internal compartment that will no doubt fit all you need. The medium one can be carried by hand or worn on the shoulder thanks to the two handles and detachable shoulder strap.

This is one of the most popular totes right now and would be an amazing addition to any collection!

Buy it now for $3,100


4. Fendi First

Launched in fall/winter 2021 this bag is Fendi’s take on the trendy pouch. Having surfaced on the runway a few seasons ago, the casual clutch has made its way back into the spotlight at the Fendi show. The brainchild of Silvia Venturini Fendi, the Fendi First bag, was said to fit Kim Jones’ brief of wanting a bag that interprets the signature double F monogram. Instead of going the literal route, Ms Fendi took a more low-key approach that feels and looks really modern.

This is a beautiful clutch that is super stylish!

Buy it now for $3,750


5. Fendigraphy

Launched just now in February and first presented at the Fendi spring/summer 22 show you could argue this is the bag of the moment. The half-moon shape and bold gold logo at the bottom make for an instantly recognizable style, that has been sported innumerous times this fashion month. The bag is supposed to be worn under the arm in a way that the Fendi leathering is visible. It can also be worn cross-body thanks to the adjustable, detachable handle and the hooks that allow a strap to be attached. It comes in medium, small and nano sizes, though the nano is more of an accessory.

This bag is extremely popular right now but I’m sure it hasn’t peaked yet, so now is the time to buy it!

Buy it now for $2,650


The 5 Most Popular Fendi Bags