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The Biggest Fashion Trends For Spring 24

Welcome to our list of The Biggest Fashion Trends For Spring 24!

Spring is coming with many new fashion trends! Here I’ll show you which will be the best trends of the season, if you are looking to update your wardrobe for spring you will love this video.

So, without further ado here are The Biggest Fashion Trends For Spring 24:


1. Business Casual

A trend you can of course wear to the office but that will be super popular everywhere else. Think of the Devil Wears Prada outfits and embrace office wear on your daily life, even if you don’t work at an office. This is a casual approach to officewear, you can mix blazers, trousers and pencil skirts with more casual pieces. The most elegant trend of the season, business casual is back for spring 24!

This Anine Bing blazer will be a staple for spring! 

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2. Fringes

Fringes are back, think less western and more 1920’s glamour. Brands like Prada, Bottega Veneta and Gucci added fringes to understated silhouettes in an elegant way that is also fun. Perfect for nights out this trend can also be incorporated into everyday dressing.

This Rotate dress is the most amazing party dress you will find for spring!

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3. Preppy Style

A twist on quiet luxury, preppy style is a huge trend for spring. Miu Miu showed in the spring 2024 collection polo shirts, mini skirt and casual blazers all with a chic preppy style. For spring preppy fashion takes a more elegant approach, with button-downs, trousers and blazers, taking casual dressing to the next level.

This A.L.C. knit polo top will be a staple this spring! 

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4. Short Shorts

A trend that will be great for late spring and for summer short shorts will be more popular than ever! Gucci, Prada and Chanel all showed some beautiful shorts that were paired with blazers and long sleeve shirts, making them a bit more elegant. Of course you can go for longer versions and even Bermuda shorts, wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident.

These Frame denim shorts will pair perfectly with all your spring tops.

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5. Metallics

Spring doesn’t need to be about less is more, you can make a big statement in the new season with metallic pieces! From Pacco Rabanne to Rick Owens, many designers presented beautiful metallic dresses in their spring collections that will be super chic. There were also skirts and coats, in silver, gold and even sequins. This is an amazing more is more trend that can also be elegant, and you can also opt for metallic shoes and bags.

This St. Agni dress is perfect for nights out!

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6. White Dresses

White dresses are always a spring staple, but this year they will be more popular than ever. From beautiful lace dresses at Valentino and Michael Kors to sheer fabrics at Cristopher Esber and Acne Studios there will be no shortage of white dresses this spring. You can choose between long or mini ones, this is an easy trend that is elegant, feminine and fun.

This Dôen dress is perfect for spring 24! 

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7. 90`s Minimalism

With clean lines and elegant proportions 90`s minimalism is a big trend that will continue this spring. Think less is more and focus on proportions, materials and cut. Neutral colors like black and white will be a staple in spring, you can invest in timeless pieces that not only follow this trend but will also last you many years.

This Skin 90’s inspired minimal dress is elegant, practical and chic for 2024, you would be wearing it on repeat!

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8. Sporty Chic

Gone are the days when sportswear was only for sporting activities, now it will be an everyday staple for spring 24. From polo shirts to hoodies and track pants the trick is to pair them with some more elevated pieces like pencil skirts, straight-leg jeans, or even a blazer. A trend that is stylish and comfortable at the same time? Twist my arm.

This Scooba Hoodie from Lululemon could pair amazingly with trousers and a kitten heel.

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9. Slingbacks

This classic shoe design will be a big trend for spring 24! From Gucci to Saint Laurent and Valentino, many designers presented slingback in their collections. Coming in all heel heights, from stilettos to flats, this is the type of shoe that is not only work appropriate but also is a stylish staple for evenings out.

These St. Agni slingbacks are so classic and chic you will be wearing on repeat this spring! 

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10. Girl Core

2023 was considered by many the year of girls, with the Barbie movie, the Eras Tour and the Renaissance World Tour, and that will translate into 2024 fashion. Don’t be afraid to wear pink, bows, flowers, sequins and whatever your 10 year old self would love to wear. Be unapologetically feminine and feel free to play with fashion this spring.

With this Staud dress you can ease your way into this trend, it is a chic pink dress that is amazing for everyday wear.

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Hope you enjoyed The Biggest Fashion Trends for Spring 24! Finally, check out The Biggest Handbag Trends For 2024!