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The Most Underrated Bag From Each Brand

The Most Underrated Bag From Each Brand

Welcome to our list of The Most Underrated Bag From Each Brand!

All brands have a bag that doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves. Here I’ll show you the most underrated bag from each of the most famous designer brands, they are all amazing bags that deserve more recognition.

So, without further ado here are The Most Underrated Bag From Each Brand:


1. Hermès Herbag

The Herbag is one of Hermès’ most accessible bags thanks to its canvas construction. The top flap is made from thick, durable leather and features the clou de selle closure while the bag’s body is made entirely of canvas. The top can be detached from the body, allowing for the wearer to mix and match Herbags. This Hermès purse, which also came in a backpack version, has been compared to the Kelly because of its elegant, classic style, however, the Herbag is a mere fraction of the Kelly’s price. This is an amazing everyday bag, it is practical, elegant and durable, all you could want for an everyday bag!

The price of a Hermès Herbag starts at $2,800, which is very affordable for Hermès standards. 

Buy it now for $4,400


2. Chanel Boy Bag

Debuted in 2011 in Chanel’s Fall/Winter collection, the Chanel Boy Bag struck a chord among lovers of Chanel handbags and romantics alike, cementing a place as a mainstay in Chanel’s collection. For this handbag, Karl Lagerfeld was inspired by Chanel’s life. Arthur “Boy” Capel was a polo player and Coco Chanel’s greatest love, with whom she had a nine-year passionate affair. With the Boy Bag, Chanel offers a more masculine edge, paying homage to the radical spirit of Coco Chanel and her mission to push the boundaries of femininity and gender norms. To little surprise, this Chanel bag was met with a surge of demand, quickly becoming one of Chanel’s most sought-after styles among style icons. Characterized by its lego-brick lock and main body framed by straight edges, the Chanel Boy Bag is admired for its versatile silhouette and unique, limited-edition versions. 

This is a classic Chanel bag that would be an amazing addition to any handbag collection.

Buy it now for $6,050


3. Louis Vuitton Noé Bucket Bag

The Louis Vuitton Noé was the first bucket bag ever designed, it started a whole new style of handbags! Inspired by 16th-century handbag designs, which centered around drawstring beaded pouches for both men and women, today’s boxier inceptions have Gaston-Louis Vuitton to thank. In 1932 a Champagne producer asked Vuitton to develop a sturdy, stylish bag in which he could transport five bottles of Champagne. And so the Noé was created. Today the Noé is a classic style of the house that retains key features of the original, like the iconic shape, generous volume and drawstring closure, but is made for modern life.

There is also the NéoNoé bucket bag that revisits the 1932 design but has a more modern appearance. 

Buy it now for $1,600


4. Saint Laurent Solferino Bag

This is a beautiful crossbody that can easily take you from day to night. This elegant and minimalistic bag was launched in 2020 and it was an instant hit. This new addition to the Saint Laurent collection fuses heritage aesthetics with a modern appeal. The bag is slightly boxy and carries the iconic YSL logo, it is a satchel style bag that comes in smooth leather and suede. It has an adjustable strap that allows you to carry this bag on your shoulder or crossbody.

This is an amazing everyday crossbody bag and is the perfect embodiment of the Saint Laurent style. That is understated while still being fashion-forward with a rebel appeal.

Buy it now for $3,150


5. Dior 30 Montaigne Bag

Launched in 2019 this bag is a tribute to the historic House address and famous sanctuary of Christian Dior. The dream office, as he would affectionately call it, remains a source of luck and inspiration for Dior. The handbag is crafted in black box calfskin for an elegant and modern look. The flap is embellished with an antique gold-finish metal ‘CD’ clasp, inspired by the seal of a Christian Dior perfume bottle. Refined details, such as an embossed ’30 MONTAIGNE’ signature on the back, define this unique design. Featuring an adjustable leather shoulder strap, the bag may be carried by hand, worn over the shoulder or crossbody.

This bag is not so well known as the Lady Dior or the Book Tote for example. And in my opinion it deserves more attention.

Buy it now for $4,000


6. Celine 16 Bag

The first bag designed by Hedi Slimane, the Celine 16 bag was launched in 2018. First spotted on the arm of Lady Gaga at the end of August 2018, the boxy, black leather top-handle handbag features discreet gold hardware and a Celine logo. It has been named the 16 after the location of the brand’s headquarters and atelier in Paris, and comes in three sizes and a range of colors. Featuring a sleek and minimal profile, the Celine 16 Bag recaptures some of the House’s historic codes from the 60’s, such as the cropped flap and rounded belt accents.

This is a timeless and elegant bag you would love all your life, it will never go out of style! It is one of the most underrated Celine bags!

Buy it now for $4,350


7. Prada Re-Edition 1995

Originally launched in 1995 and then relaunched in 2022, this bag will always be chic! Prada is known for reinventing classic styles and this bag is one of their latest launch. This handbag, a re-edition of an iconic Prada bag of 1995, was first presented in Prada’s spring/summer 22 collection and is characterized by its elegant geometric silhouette with distinct, minimalist lines. Formal allure and practicality meet in its design with a central zipper closure and three internal compartments, enhanced by the sophisticated accent of the silver screen-printed lettering logo. The accessory is made of fine brushed leather, an expression of the brand’s expertise.

This bag is elegant, minimalist and was a favorite of Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy.

Buy it now for $3,800


8. Gucci Diana Tote

This is a famous Gucci bag that hasn’t been so popular in recent years, it deserves more attention! Lady Diana was often saw out and about with a bamboo-handled Gucci bag. It often accompanied her on trips to the gym, with her iconic sweatshirts and biker shorts outfits. Even in gym clothes, she made it look divine. Unfortunately the bag was discontinued a few years later. On the day that would have been Princess Diana’s 60th birthday, former creative director Alessandro Michele presented a reinterpretation of the beautiful tote. Called the Diana, the bag is a bamboo-handled tote much like the version worn by the Princess. Since it’s launch the bag has become super popular! Besides it is a perfect everyday bag that will always be chic!

The Gucci Diana represents the cycle of reinvention and being free to be who you are – something the original poster girl for this bag would no doubt support.

Buy it now for $3,980


9. Bottega Veneta Arco Tote

The Bottega Veneta Arco tote is an amazing quiet luxury bag, it has amazing quality and is recognizable only for those in the know! Created with the intent of establishing a new language of intrecciato that combines modern sensibility with Bottega Veneta’s iconic craftsmanship, the Arco bag was launched in 2019 and was the first bag designed by Daniel Lee for Bottega Veneta. Inspired by the Arco della Pace in Milan, the architecture of the bag itself closely follows the architecture of the iconic location with tubular handles in an arch shape. This bag is neutral, understated, chic and will not go out of style. The bag is made from a new variety of French calfskin bonded with suede in an unlined interior that reveals the complete construction of the bag.

It will fit all you might need and is the most elegant tote bag you’ll ever find!

Buy it now for $3,300


10. Fendi Sunshine Tote

Totes have always been a part of Fendi’s offerings, but the Sunshine was only introduced in 2020. This Shopper bag is made from leather with heat-stamped “FENDI ROMA” in the front and stiff tortoiseshell plexiglass handles. It is equipped with a spacious internal compartment that will no doubt fit all you need. The medium one can be carried by hand or worn on the shoulder thanks to the two handles and detachable shoulder strap.

This tote is famous but not as much as other Fendi bags, it is an amazing designer tote bag!

Buy it now for $3,100

Hope you enjoyed The Most Underrated Bag From Each Brand! Finally, check out The Biggest Handbag Trends For Spring 24!


The Most Underrated Bag From Each Brand