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Top 6 Celine Bags To Buy In 2024

Top 6 Celine Bags To Buy In 2024

Welcome to our list of The Top 6 Celine Bags To Buy In 2024!

Celine offers timeless quiet luxury handbags that become staples in their owner’s lives. And if you are looking to buy a Celine bags for 2024 you have come to the right place. Here I’ll show you the best Celine bags to buy in the new year, I promise you will not regret buying these ones.

So, without further ado here are The Top 6 Celine Bags To Buy In 2024:


1. Celine Luggage

One of the most popular bags of all time and the most famous Celine bag, the Luggage is an icon, and reportedly the most copied bag in recent handbag history. It was Phoebe Philo’s first It bag for the brand, released in the Spring 2010 collection. With its distinctive front face adorned with a zipper and availability in multiple colors and materials, it is not hard to see why the Celine Luggage, even after a decade of its launch, still appeals to fashion connoisseurs of all ages and tastes. This bag was extremely popular in the 2010’s and because of it’s minimalist style and colors, it really would be a staple in your collection. The bag comes now in 3 sizes: Nano, Micro and Mini.

The Luggage is number one on this list not only because it is the most iconic bag of the brand but also because there are rumors Celine will discontinue this bag. So now might be your last chance to buy it!

Buy it now for $3,300


2. Celine Triomphe Bag

A new bag that is becoming a classic, the Triomphe will be a staple in your life. The Celine Triomphe bag was designed by Hedi Slimane in 2018 and it bears the Celine logo designed by Celine Vipiana herself. In 1973, Vipiana introduced a newly designed logo that featured an intertwined double C design, with an intricate center pattern that nodded to the architecture of the Arc de Triomphe. The bag has become a classic and its understated and minimalistic look is a perfect representation of the Celine style.

Offering hands-free ease, the Triomphe is one of the best understated crossbody bags ever! And there are shoulder bag versions that are also amazing for 2024.

Buy it now for $3,950


3. Celine Classic Box Bag

If you are looking for a quiet luxury crossbody bag, the Box is one of the most classic you’ll ever find. The Box bag was launched in 2011 and it was an instant hit! This bag is at the same time contemporary and classic, is the perfect day bag and would probably be one of the most used bags in your collection. As always when it comes to Celine, this bag is crafted with the best materials and incredible craftsmanship. This bag has a classic flap style with a structured silhouette and an adjustable strap, that allows you to wear the bag crossbody or over the shoulder. This bag is a Phoebe Philo design but is also modern and fits the new Celine style. 

Minimalist, elegant and classic, you cannot do better than the Celine Box!

Buy it now for $3,700


4. Celine 16 Bag

The first bag designed by Hedi Slimane, the Celine 16 bag was launched in 2018. First spotted on the arm of Lady Gaga at the end of August 2018, the boxy, black leather top-handle handbag features discreet gold hardware and a Celine logo. It has been named the 16 after the location of the brand’s headquarters and atelier in Paris. It comes in three sizes and a range of colors. Featuring a sleek and minimal profile, the Celine 16 Bag recaptures some of the House’s historic codes from the 60’s, such as the cropped flap and rounded belt accents.

This is a timeless and elegant bag you would love all your life, it will never go out of style! It would be a staple for 2024!

Buy it now for $4,350


5. Celine Belt Bag

Designed by the queen of minimalism herself Phoebe Phillo, this is one of the best quiet luxury bags ever designed! Launched in Celine’s Pre-Fall 2014 collection this bag is casual and refined at the same time. This bag is so versatile you can easily wear it from work to a night out. The bag is characterized by a belt with knots on both ends and the front flap is made to be tucked under it. The relaxed shape and the spacious interior add their unique touch to the complete design. It also has a top handle and a shoulder strap. This bag is not so popular anymore but that does not mean it is out of style! 

Quiet luxury will continue to be a big trend for 2024 and this is one of the best quiet bags you will ever find!

Buy it now for $2,700


6. Celine Ava Triomphe Bag

The Ava was launched in Celine’s Summer 2021 collection and in fall 23 the new Ava Triomphe bag was launched. With the original shape of the Ava the new bag presents the iconic Triomphe logo, designed by Celine Vipiana herself. The perfect embodiment of the new Celine this bag is young and stylish while still being classic and understated.

The Triomphe logo adds the perfect finishing touch to this otherwise understated bag. It will be an amazing bag for 2024!

Buy it now for $2,600


Hope you enjoyed the Top 6 Celine Bags to Buy in 2024! Check out my list of The Next It Bags of 2024!


Top 6 Celine Bags To Buy In 2024