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Top 6 Gucci Bags To Buy In 2024

Top 6 Gucci Bags To Buy In 2024

Welcome to our list of the Top 6 Gucci Bags To Buy In 2024!

Gucci offers timeless amazing luxury handbags that become staples in their owner’s lives. And if you are looking to buy a Gucci bag in 2024 you have come to the right place. Here I’ll show you the best Gucci bags to buy in the new year, I promise you will not regret buying these ones.

So, without further ado here are the Top 6 Gucci Bags To Buy In 2024:


1. Gucci Jackie 1961 Bag

Like the enduring allure of the woman it’s named after, the Jackie is a bag that will never go out of style. In 1961, Gucci introduced a Hobo-style bag that caught the eye of Jackie Kennedy, whose husband so famously loved Gucci’s loafer moccasins. It’s said that upon seeing a paparazzi image of Jackie Kennedy with the bag (then called the Fifties Constance), the Gucci family quickly christened the bag the Jackie. Relaunched in 2021, the recognizable shape is presented in many materials like leather and the GG Supreme canvas. 

No matter which one you choose this is a beautiful bag that will be a cherished item in your wardrobe forever. Perfect for any occasion! It is amazing for 2024!

Buy it now for $2,950


2. Gucci Horsebit Chain Bag

Spotlighted in the Fall Winter 2023 collection, the handbag reinterprets one of the House’s most recognizable motifs. Adorned with a maxi Horsebit, first made popular during the early ‘2000s, this silhouette continues to be one of the most recognizable handbags of the House. The new bag is presented in various colors and textures that follow a contemporary approach. You can wear the bag on the shoulder or as a clutch. It is a stylish and unique design that is super trendy now!

This bag is becoming super popular, it will be one of the trendiest bags for 2024.

Buy it now for $3,890


3. Gucci Blondie Bag

Launched in 2022 this is a bag that will continue to be super popular in the new year! Inspired by archival designs from the 1970s, the House’s newest line of handbags and belt bags is distinguished by a rounded Interlocking G hardware. Crafted from leather, this shoulder bag is completed by a delicate chain strap, infusing this accessory with a refined feel. There are crossbody and tote bag version that have the iconic vintage style of the Blondie.

This is one of those vintage inspired bags that is super trendy now!

Buy it now for $3,600


4. Gucci Horsebit 1955 Bag

As the legend goes, the horsebit hardware entered Gucci’s arsenal in 1953. It was Aldo Gucci—recognizing that shoppers liked a side of history with their handbags—who perpetuated the myth that the Gucci family had once been saddlemakers to nobility. Since the horsebit appeared on a handbag in 1955, that elegant hardware has become as recognizable as the Chanel double Cs. Reintroduced at the house’s cruise 2020 collection, the reprised Gucci Horsebit 1955 bag comes in various shapes, like tote, satchel and shoulder bag. All unified by the instantly identifiable double D-rings. After all, there’s no need for a Gucci logo when its signature hardware is present.

This bag is extremely classic and is an amazing choice for 2024. 

Buy it now for $3,350


5. Gucci Aphrodite Bag

One of the newest Gucci bag was shown on the Cruise 23 collection and is inspired by the house archives. The classic hobo shape of the bag has a vintage appeal that will be super trendy next year. It is crafted in soft leather and features the Double G emblem—a code originally introduced in the 1970s. You can carry the bag on the shoulder or attach the optional strap for crossbody wear.

I love this wearable but fashionable tote for everyday life. It would be a staple in your collection!

Buy it now for $2,290


6. Gucci Diana Tote

Lady Diana was often saw out and about with a bamboo-handled Gucci bag. It often accompanied her on trips to the gym, with her iconic sweatshirts and biker shorts outfits. Even in gym clothes, she made it look divine. Unfortunately the bag was discontinued a few years later. On the day that would have been Princess Diana’s 60th birthday, former creative director Alessandro Michele presented a reinterpretation of the beautiful tote. Called the Diana, the bag is a bamboo-handled tote much like the version worn by the Princess. Since it’s launch the bag has become super popular! Besides it is a perfect everyday bag that will always be chic!

The Gucci Diana represents the cycle of reinvention and being free to be who you are – something the original poster girl for this bag would no doubt support.

Buy it now for $3,980

Hope you enjoyed the Top 6 Gucci Bags To Buy In 2024! Check out the Top 10 Designer Bags to Buy in 2024!


Top 6 Gucci Bags To Buy In 2024